LNG for Exploration & Production

Stabilis has pioneered the use of LNG as an economically and environmentally favorable alternative to diesel fuel for various drilling, pressure pumping and water heating operations. In our history, we have fueled drilling rigs on thousands of wells and reliably fueled dual fuel and EFRAC frac spreads in most basins in the US under long- and short-term contracts.

Our capabilities to supply LNG and deploy the appropriate LNG storage and vaporization assets to support remote drilling and completion operation is second to none. We understand oil and gas operation with 24/7/365 technical support, a logistics team coordinating deliveries and equipment moves, and onsite trained personnel focused on safety and customer reliability.

Benefit from our experience.

As the dedicated LNG fueling supply solution for over 3200 wells throughout North America, we have a deep understanding of customer requirements. As a result, we know how to operate safely while successfully managing the cadence required to meet drilling and completion schedules, rig and pressure pumping fleet moves and changing supply requirements on daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

LNG: the better fuel choice.

LNG offers the same mobility as diesel and propane. It can be economically delivered with the appropriate equipment solution to fuel your rig, frac spread, generator or water heating unit. With LNG the cryogenic process for production ensures a high level of gas quality for your equipment to reduce overall equipment maintenance and help you optimize power based on known methane quality.

Compared to diesel, LNG provides a cleaner fuel source and reduced risk of an environmental release or spill. Unlike propane it is lighter than air and evaporates. It is transported at a low pressure and gas volumes three times more than CNG, reducing exposure to accidents and delays while transporting over the road.

It’s obvious: LNG is the overall safer fuel choice and offers the added benefit of significant economic savings and reduction of emissions including sulfur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

LNG Advantages

  • A reliable fuel supply
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Safer in the event of a leak or spill
  • Safe transport
  • An eco-friendly solution

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