LNG for Remote Power Generation

Fueling remote and temporary project needs

Stabilis’ support of remote power generation via LNG is unmatched in North America for non-utility requirements. By definition, remote power generation projects are off-grid and off-pipeline and typically range from 1-30 megawatts. These requirements may be permanent or temporary in nature and may require urgency for environmental permitting to make operational, many times more readily obtainable given the lower emission profile of natural gas. Project durations vary in based on economics, timing and eventual access as needed to regional line power or pipeline gas. LNG often becomes the permanent solution by providing the best quality gas and the most available and economic gas supply in the region.

Tap into our virtual pipeline

Stabilis offers economical, environmentally friendly LNG solutions in areas that are too difficult to reach with a gas pipeline or where back-up or emergency power is needed.
  • Large North America production footprint and distribution network enables fast deployment
  • Mobile equipment fleet for storage and vaporization
  • 24/7 field service and remote monitoring
  • Clean low carbon power solution addresses evolving emission controls

Applications for remote and temporary power include pipeline maintenance, disaster relief, and other interruptions as well as supplementing constrained natural gas supply. Stabilis is also ideal for remote high horsepower applications that require 2000hp or greater or are burning more than 1000 gallons of diesel per day. Examples include industrial facilities, plants waiting for grid or pipelines to be run, large frac fleets, midstream pumping stations, and disposal wells.

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