Mitigate peak weather operation risk

Assure Supply and Manage Risk with Committed professional technical service

Assure supply with severe weather proven systems:

  • Turnkey customized on-site storage solutions 
  • On-site Pressure and vaporization customized to meet your maximum demand and severe weather service 
  • Equipment performance reliable and proven ready upon commissioning at site
  • All supply systems permit, code and safety compliant
  • Off-site contracted storage option 
  • Contracted skilled service technicians available 24/7 or with 72 hour notice
  • Transportation pre-committed by our in-house logistics experts from multiple sources 
  • Telemetry interface for constant monitoring of disposition by client and Stabilis

Price protection options

  • Hedged commodity for price stability
  • Pre-contracted price during volume demand period exercisable over extended schedule
  • Pre-purchased product in inventory
Miners conversing on a worksite
Stabilis tank refueling

Long term backup supply

Permanently installed, right-sized storage and vaporization 

  • Stabilis managed product feed for vent-free storage and composition quality
  • Stabilis managed supply and in-house logistics for competitive sourcing 
  • Optional RNG Credits available

Disaster/Emergency response

  • Stabilis equipment and service teams strategically located for prompt response
  • Stabilis is an experienced emergency responder with project teams ready for deployment and demanding service
  • Stabilis is experienced in remote locations and extreme conditions

Pipeline outage supply and service

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Equipped for reliable large volume, high pressure supply

Gear icon

Experienced service technicians ensure operational excellence

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Multi-source supply points and logistics providers including Stabilis fleet and drivers

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Industry leading reliability and safety performance

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