Advancing the Transition to Clean, Renewable Energy

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Balance the demands of the energy transition with Stabilis Solutions

Stabilis Enlightened Energy™ Solutions combine the benefits of natural gas or hydrogen to deliver the cleanest most viable energy available today.

Our affordable and reliable solutions work with renewable energy sources to meet current market needs while transiting to the future. Balance the demands of the energy transition with Stabilis.

Infographic: Environmental Sustainability: reduce harmful emissions and focus on renewables. Security and Reliability: stable, predictable supply and available in all conditions. Economic Viability: cost effective solutions that support growth, solutions that do not require subsidies.

Proven experience delivering distributed energy when and where you need it

Stabilis provides turnkey clean energy production, storage, transportation and fueling system solutions for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Hydrogen.

With 15+ years’ experience delivering distributed energy to customers throughout North America, we’re ready to meet your requirements with scalable energy supply, national distribution and 24x7x365 field support.

Make the transition to clean energy with total confidence.

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Only LNG/H2 distributor with owned production and a complete North American distribution footprint
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Remote, clean power generation solutions throughout North America
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150+ piece fleet of mobile cryogenic equipment for rapid deployment

Reduce emissions with low cost, reliable fuels

Stabilis customers use LNG and hydrogen as alternatives to traditional fuel sources to lower fuel costs and reduce harmful environmental emissions.

Infographic: Renewable energy is environmentally sustainable, but not secure, reliable, or economically viable. Enlightened Energy Hydrogen is sustainable, reliable, and viable. Enlightened energy Natural Gas is moderately sustainable and reliable and viable. Oil and Coal are both environmentally unsustainable, but secure, reliable, and economically viable.

Stabilis considers ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) a competitive advantage and the foundation for building a successful and sustainable company. With strong core values and proactive management of these principles, we create value for our stakeholders and provide a platform for future growth and value creation.

North America's largest, most experienced small-scale LNG producer and distributor

Our industry-leading production and distribution capabilities are backed by an unmatched commitment to safety and customer service. With a 100,000+ LNG gallon per day plant in George West, TX and nationwide fuel sources, we’ve delivered over 250 million LNG gallons to date. Learn more about what makes Stabilis the best partner for all your LNG projects.

A licensed and reliable energy solution provider to Mexico

Stabilis delivers LNG to Mexico every day. We are a trusted, licensed and reliable provider. Our local sales and technical personnel have experience across a wide variety of industries and applications to help you find a clean, economical, and purpose-fit solution.

We're #1 in Safety and Customer Service

We provide flexible solutions to meet a variety of end market needs for customers across the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Click an area of interest to learn more.

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