Marine Bunkering

Transition to the future with Stabilis.

With IMO 2020 requiring stricter limits on emissions of sulfur oxide (SOx), nitrogen oxide (NOx), and particulate matter (PM), marine companies are increasingly turning to liquid natural gas (LNG) as a fuel of choice for new vessels versus scrubbers or more expensive low sulfur fuels. Experts predict that using LNG as ship fuel will reduce SOx emissions by 90-95% and carbon dioxide emissions by 20-25%. To address this increasing trend and support marine fueling in ports throughout the U.S., Stabilis offers expertise and an LNG supply network for dockside shore-to-ship fueling services. Stabilis safely provides marine bunkering support services to ensure vessels are fueled up with LNG in minimal time and has the capability to service vessels anywhere in North America.

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Ensure compliance with IMO emissions regulations
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Reduced costs over conventional oil-based fuels
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Lower the cost of repowering and new builds
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Availability of LNG; expanded bunkering infrastructure

Marine Expertise

We have a strong understanding of the codes and regulations that must be met for an LNG project to succeed as well as knowledge of existing engine, dock and vessel design options.  We also understand the technical challenges that must be met to ensure your vessels can fuel with LNG safely and efficiently every time.

Infographic describing on and offshore replenishment pathways from terminal to vessel
As emission regulations continue to tighten with IMO 2020, Stabilis looks forward to the opportunity to help your fleet prepare for the future in the most cost- and time-effective ways.