LNG for Commercial & Industrial Markets

LNG is a clean and economic alternative to traditional distillate fuels used in power and for thermal heating processes found in municipal, manufacturing and industrial settings. Boiler, furnaces, kilns and dryers are just a few of the applications in industrial settings. LNG also supports remote power requirements and thermal equipment needed for agriculture.

With the ability to meet high and fluctuating demand, Stabilis can supply a safe and reliable fuel source that is minimally affected by swings in seasonal prices or availability, allowing you to better predict your fuel costs.

Meet your energy needs with Stabilis.

Stabilis has successfully provided commercial and industrial LNG solutions across a wide variety of applications for heat and other thermal processes. We have a strong and demonstrated ability to implement and continuously provide the appropriate amount of LNG for each project’s varying fuel demands — safely and reliably.

Virtual pipeline of natural gas.

Stabilis offers a virtual natural gas pipeline that can be used instead of diesel and propane fuel to lower operating costs, increase profits, and reduce impact on the environment. LNG is a safe, clean fuel alternative that supports a variety of fuel needs including high horsepower equipment operations, without contamination risks associated with oil spills and propane releases.

Stabilis offers flexibility.

Stabilis offers customized natural gas solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in many markets. Gas curtailments from pipeline supply sources can be overcome with LNG and limitations of gas supply can be augmented when permanent infrastructure cannot be supplied. Stabilis can safely and reliably provide one-time, temporary, or permanent facilities. We own a fleet of mobile storage, pumping and transportation equipment and deliver LNG fuel to some of the highest demand customers. Additionally, our technical support team provides planning and controls to maximize operational efficiencies. Our team operates 24/7/365 across North America, including Mexico, supported by our own production as well as leveraging our AccessLNG™ North American Supply network with over 25 production facilities.

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