LNG for Mining & Extraction

Technical advances in engine technology have allowed the adoption of natural gas in large, high horsepower mine haul trucks. Natural gas modified engines run on the combination of diesel and natural gas, allowing mine operators to significantly lower fuel costs using LNG. Given mine haul truck fuel consumption and energy intensity and emission profiles during the extraction process, Stabilis offers a clean and economical LNG solution for remote power and heating applications, mining trucks, and other high horsepower equipment critical to project economics.

Compete economically and environmentally

Stabilis has supported numerous mines, powered mine haul vehicles with LNG, and has been helping mining companies save money with custom-built LNG fueling solutions since 2010. The energy demands of mining are varied. Stabilis fuel solutions allow mining operators to displace high-cost diesel consumption with cost-effective LNG and further enjoy the environmental benefits of a lower emissions profile and reduced permitting requirements.


  • Achieve much greater energy density allowing for 3-4 times more natural gas to be transported on a truck vs. CNG
  • Meet increasing pressure to reduce environmental footprint – Natural gas engines reduce CO2 emissions up to 35%

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