Stay Online During Pipeline Outages

Stabilis virtual pipeline solutions

Stabilis supports pipeline customers during their routine integrity tests, pipeline maintenance operations and capital upgrades, as well as supply disruptions and emergency outages. Projects are temporary in nature and may have multiple injection points. These solutions may require significant onsite LNG supply, mobile storage and vaporization capacity to meet instantaneous and sustained demand profiles.

Our large mobile equipment fleet is ready when you need it.

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LNG transport
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Portable onsite LNG storage
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High pressure/high volume vaporizers
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Optional odorization systems

Build for the future without impacting customers today.

Upgrading or expanding existing pipeline can be challenging for remote utilities and gas distribution companies – even during non-peak periods. Constructing a new line is expensive. With Stabilis, you can utilize a temporary LNG storage and regas solution downstream of the construction project to maintain flow to customers.

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